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  • Bottled & Ready i

    At Ernest Scarano Distillery we make Rye Whiskey only.....All three of our brands are bottled and ready....Old Homicide, 140 proof....100% straight, bonded whiskey, aged 4 years under goverment supervision and bottled at barrel strength.....Widmer Winter Rye......90 proof....a very nice lighter whiskey....and Whiskey Dick, 130 proof mellowed in Sugar Maple Charcoal and finished in a Hickory Barrel.
    Everything is done here at the distillery from mashing to distilling, aging, bottling, labeling and finally, selling. Since Ohio is a control state, the Ohio Division of Liquor Control regulates prices and bottle size.

    Prices are as follows:
    Old Homicide 375ml bottle, 140 proof
    4 year age.....$95.00
    Widmer Winter Rye $37.00 for 375ml
    Whiskey Dick $25.00 for 250ml

    Our location is 4487 Hayes Avenue (Route 6)....1/4 mile east of SR 590. Hours of operation are Monday-Friday from 9:00 AM until 4 PM and Saturday morning from 10 AM to 3 PM. That being said, there is no heat or any conveniences here. Sometimes severe weather, urgent attention from suppliers or restocking of supplies is necessary... if you are coming to visit/purchase from any appreciable distance, you should call us first to confirm that we are open and can accommodate your visit. The distillery is located in an old (130 year old) barn...there are no bathroom facilities.

    We accept cash or check...no credit cards. We cannot ship our products.....our products cannot be purchased in Liquor stores.....only at the Distillery.
    I am very proud of all three of these brands. They are a uniquely different alternative to commercially produced whiskies.....I look forward to meeting you!

    ph 419-205-8734

  • Our story so far... i

    I came across a wonderful sipping whiskey about 7 years back that was made in Missouri (it's legal to distill for your own personal use...150 gals per year!). The very kind old gent gave me a small sample and over a few weeks time of talking and watching him distill I became convinced that this is something I could do... SO....about 5 years ago I had a copper still made and I tried my hand at distilling. I changed the recipe a bit to suit my taste and made 10 gallons. Well that was back in June of 2005....since then the rye whiskey has been sitting in a charred oak barrel......It turned out so smooth and tasty I decided to spend my retirement producing a hand crafted, single distillation, cask strength rye whiskey in small batches .......within a few months I had my Federal and State permit. We began construction on the bonded area on March 17, 2010 and finished on April 19th......had the local Pastor say a blessing....and we pitched the first batch of mash on May 1st.

  • What's happening right now... i

  • Whiskey Dick's "One Shot Theater" i

    --- Now Showing ---     "The Violent Years" - with Jean Moorhead 1956

  • A few closing thoughts and Salutes... i

    I will be updating the site from time to time, but not on a regular basis......the only thing less exciting than watching paint dry....is watching whiskey age!

    Next thought.....I know that it is not fashionable these days, to say kind words about the government but the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms is the BEST run agency I've ever had to deal with......especially the Tax and Trade Bureau in Cincinnati, Ohio. Believe it or not my permit was given personalized attention by the new permit department and I had everything in place in a little over 90 days.....as well, the Ohio Department of Liquor Control was equally helpful and competent!.....both organizations fostered an attitude of helpfulness and cooperation.

    Finally.....we are proud to be members of the the ADI...The American Distilling Institute.