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A Grand Overture

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"I want to create a whiskey that represents the best qualities of a traditional rye whiskey, while enhancing it for the senses, and the modern-day connoisseur."

Ernest Scarano

The Pinnacle of Rye Whiskey

In 2010 Ernest Scarano set out on a journey, to create the finest whiskey he could distill. He envisioned a whiskey that was unlike any other, but most importantly distilled in a traditional way.


After two years of trial and adjustment, the foundation for his vision of the finest rye whiskey had been set, and he was ready to distill his masterpiece.


Over the course of a 12 hour distillation period using a traditional copper pot still, Ernest Scarano was able to achieve the exact distillate that he was looking for.

Hand selected rye and barley grain sourced from American farms create the foundation of Ernest Scarano Distillery 10 year.

After the last of the usable alcohol was extracted from the mash, Ernest Scarano sealed barrel 108 C, and let it sit for 10 years, unaltered, untouched, and unseen.


Ernest Scarano Distillery has created the pinnacle of our rye whiskey, a whiskey which will not be available again for another 10 years.

Barrel 106 C, aged 10 years in white oak for the perfect taste and consistency at cask strength.

Ernest Scarano Distillery 10 Year, a single barrel, cask strength,148 proof rye whiskey, celebrates the unrivaled art of fine craftsmanship. Embracing the definition of traditional whiskey and elevating it to a new paragon.

Indulge Your Senses

A whirlwind of spices grabs hold of the tongue sinking into a undeniable creaminess offering the finest reaction between wood and whiskey.


Soothing ribbons of butterscotch are slowly courted by vanilla undertones ensuring a harmonizing marriage of sweetness.


Like floating on serene waters, a lingering taste finishes its enigmatic blossoming with mature notes reminiscent of glazed blood orange peel and softness advanced from charred white oak.

Presenting Ernest Scarano Distillery 10 Year

ESD 10 Year Box 2.jpg

Presented in a custom engraved 500 milliliter crystal bottle, accompanied by two custom engraved crystal tasting glasses, and housed in a custom American-made mahogany heirloom. Each example will have the recipient’s name and example number engraved onto a custom plaque before delivery.

Only 14 examples of Ernest Scarano Distillery 10 Year will be available until 2032.

ESD 10 Year Box 1.jpg

Ernest Scarano Distillery 10 Year is limited to 14 examples.

To reserve an example, click below.

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