Ernest Scarano, Sr., served his country during the Second World War, most notably in Operation Torch, November 8-18, 1942, landing with the western task force at Casablanca. A quiet and reserved man, his impression was indelible even to those casually encountered. This distillery is named in his honor.


Founded in 2010, Ernest Scarano Distillery was based on an idea that turned into a dream: to make the best rye whiskey. 90 days later, the dream was set in motion. Ernest Scarano Distillery opened its doors to the public, whiskey lovers, and people who were curious about craft distilling. 

Ernest Scarano Distillery would call Gibsonburg, Ohio, home for two years until moving to a new space in Fremont, Ohio, on the South side of Route 6. The new space would be a 120-year-old barn, with character and heritage thought to be lost in traditional commercial space. Accompanied by a barn sale, open in tandem with the distillery hours, visitors stop to find unique treasures and sample whiskey, referring business only thorough word of mouth. 

After securing a custom built 60 gallon Georgia Ridge still from  Mulberry, Arkansas,  Ernest Scarano Distillery began to craft truly unique products with native American flavors that can only be found in Sandusky County, Ohio.


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"Years ago, I came across a wonderful sipping whiskey that was made in Missouri (it's legal to distill for your own personal use, 150 gals per year!). The very kind old gent gave me a small sample, and over a few weeks' time of talking and watching him distill, I became convinced that this is something. I had a copper still made and I tried my hand at distilling.


I changed the recipe a bit to suit my taste and made 10 gallons. Well, that was back in June of 2005. Since then the rye whiskey has been sitting in a charred oak barrel. It turned out so smooth and tasty I decided to spend my retirement producing a handcrafted, single-distillation, cask-strength rye whiskey in small batches.


Within a few months I had my Federal and State permit. We began construction on the bonded area on March 17, 2010, and finished on April 19th. I had the local Pastor say a blessing and we pitched the first batch of mash on May 1st."

- Ernest Scarano

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