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Clover Honey Whiskey

Clover Honey Whiskey

Experience the sophisticated flavors of Ernest Scarano Distillery's Clover Honey Whiskey. A smooth and rich whiskey that's been infused with the sweet and delicate flavors of clover honey.

Clover Honey Whiskey is a carefully curated with the finest ingredients and is matured in white oak barrels, resulting in a smooth and delicate flavor, while the infusion of clover honey adds a subtle sweetness and floral aroma.

Clover Honey Whiskey has a golden amber color and a silky-smooth texture that makes it an ideal sipping whiskey. The honey flavor is subtle yet distinct, allowing the honey notes to tease your taste buds and leave you with a warm and comforting sensation, without overwhelming the whiskey’s natural character.

Through meticulous crafting and superior quality, every sip is a sensorial delight, offering a harmonious balance of oak-aged smoothness and clover honey sweetness.


90 Proof // Alc. Vol. 45%

375 ml

Whiskey With Natural Flavor

  • Return Policy

    We are sorry, but Ernest Scarano Distillery does not accept any returns of liquor. Once your order leaves our distillery, it cannot be returned due to applicable law, state and federal regulation. All sales are final. If you receive a damaged product please contact us through our contact page for assistance.

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