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Whiskey Dick

Evoke Adventure

65% ALC/VOL (130 Proof)

Charcoal Mellowed

White Oak Barreled

All Natural

ESD Whiskey Dick_edited.png

Discover the rich and complex flavors of Whiskey Dick by Ernest Scarano Distillery. A unique whiskey that evokes memories of the great outdoors and the rugged spirit of adventure.

Whiskey Dick’s robust smokey flavor is derived from a unique charcoaling process that combines the use of white oak barrels resulting in a distinct and unparalleled flavor.

Late night dreams by the lakefront with a roaring bonfire. The warm envelopes you as the smoke dances around you. This is the essence of Whiskey Dick.

With its deep amber hue and inviting aroma, Whiskey Dick's strong notes of smoke and char slowly give way to a velvety texture, making way for a bold taste that lingers on the palate with a slightly sweet finish. A perfect choice for those who wish to elevate their drinking experience.

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