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Widmer Winter Rye

Widmer Winter Rye

Widmer Winter Rye is a small-batch whiskey that captures the essence of the cold weather season while embracing light and green flavors with an undeniable buttery consistency.


Boasting a light and complex flavor profile, Widmer Winter Rye's aroma is a harmonious blend of green foliage, butter, and toasted oak, while its finish is warm with subtle notes of syrup and sapling.

Discover a luxurious and creamy texture, a result of a unique aging process that takes place during the cold winter months. This maturation process allows the whiskey to develop its rich and buttery consistency, which glides effortlessly over the palate, leaving a ever-present, satisfying finish.


90 Proof // Alc. Vol. 45%
375 ml

Straight Rye Whiskey

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    We are sorry, but Ernest Scarano Distillery does not accept any returns of liquor. Once your order leaves our distillery, it cannot be returned due to applicable law, state and federal regulation. All sales are final. If you receive a damaged product please contact us through our contact page for assistance.

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